Pi (RAW52.10)

Been too cool lately? Want to get back in touch with your inner geek? Need to suck up to your math teacher or your kid’s math teacher?  Well, have I got the ring for you! March 14 is Pi Day, and what better way to celebrate than with a Pi ring. If Kate Bush can write a song about it, then why not a ring about it?

Ring a Week #10

But more than just celebrating the number, I think it’s fitting because, as jewelers, we use Pi every time we measure a ring shank to cut to an exact size or when we are making any rounded shapes.

Ring a Week #10

This little cutie is made of Sterling silver, finished with very fine steel wool, and measures 12 x 12mm. The shank is oxidized Sterling silver.

5 Responses to “Pi (RAW52.10)”

    • Carole Zakkour

      Hello Ashley, Sorry for the really long delay in responding – I don’t know how I missed your email. The pi ring is sold out for now, but I’m planning on making more in the next couple of months. What is your ring size?

      I will let you know when I have more to sell 🙂

      Regards, Carole

      • Ashley Fisher

        I’m a size 8. Thank you so much!!

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