Pupnatska Luka – Ring a Week continues….

It’s been such a long time since I posted, I almost forgot how to do it, and I am so late with my Ring a Week submissions.
I made these rings a while back in May, when I was thinking about summer and getting away, and all the beautiful beaches where I’ve collected pebbles.

Pupnatska Luka beach is on the island of Korcula in Croatia. It’s in the middle of nowhere really, with beautiful hills all around it.

I collected a bunch of pebbles there, quite different from the flat ones that I usually go for (there weren’t any flat ones either!)
Since I was so behind with my rings, I had to devise a little plan…

RAW52.17: I wanted the ring to look like you just put your hand in the water and some pebbles got stuck on it.

I just love the simplicity. So I decided to make more.

RAW52.18: Here’s a slightly different shape. Still works for me.

And here is a back view where you can see how they are made. I drill a hole in each pebble, then make a “seat” for each one and solder a post in the middle of it. The shank is 1.6mm round Sterling silver. After polishing, I secure the pebbles with epoxy. That’s it.

RAW52.19: Here is another version. I really like the contrast between the light and dark pebbles.

It’s quite lovely when on the hand…

RAW52.20: I also wanted to somehow convey the water, so naturally I went with Turquoise.

I used a bead instead of a cabochon – I didn’t want it to look perfect. Still the same construction, but this time I riveted the stone.

I can keep going on forever! I love making these rings, easy, and each one is different. Plus we have the added bonus of combining them.

RAW52.21: Voilà, instant ring!

All you have to do is wear them together.


RAW52.22: Yes, I’m going there!

I really like this one!

Of course, none of these rings would have happened if it weren’t for Ivana and Erika. Hvala my friends!

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