Morning Glory (RAW52.8)

A complete departure for me, esthetically and technically. I wanted to try my hand at some fold forming, so I came up with this morning-glory. Made with 26 gauge fine silver, the flower itself was surprisingly easy to make, I just had to keep annealing and hammering until I got the right shape.

Ring a Week #8

The ring shank is forged sterling silver, made to resemble a stem. I set a 6mm London blue Topaz in the flower. I wanted the blue of the topaz to reflect inside the flower, so I set the stone upside down. That was about the hardest part of this ring, but all in all not that hard. I kind of made it up, a cross between a tube and bezel setting.

Ring a Week #8By the way, this ring is completely UNWEARABLE! The petals are so thin, that I’m sure it will completely disintegrate with the slightest ding. But hey, it was fun to make.

Here is Selma modeling again. It looks lovely on the hand. I could try making it with much thicker silver, but it might be a lot harder. So I’m just leaving it be.

Ring a Week #8

  • I really enjoyed the fluidity of the fine silver sheet. It was extremely malleable
  • Very thin silver can tear like a piece of paper!
  • I liked setting the stone upside down. I don’t usually much care for faceted stones, but I liked the color of this one

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