Ring a Week

As if I don’t already have a ton of things to do, and because of all my free time (NOT), I’ve decided to join the “Ring a Week” Challenge (aka RAW.)

The idea is that it will be a personal challenge to make one ring every week of the year, then post the pictures on the flickr group page. There are no rules (my favorite kind of challenge) and the rings can be made using any material, and don’t have to be tangible items either. I decided to join the group to try to learn more techniques and experiment with ideas and designs. Why not.

So, here are my entries so far:

  • RAW52.1 – Since I was late to the game, I decided to make a version of my Leaf & Bud ring that will be appearing in the book 30-Minute Rings by Lark Books due out in April. I made the original (you can see it at the start of my slide show) with 3 x 1 mm rectangle wire. For this version, I used round wire. Both are very easy to make…Ring a Week Challenge - #1Ring a Week Challenge - #1
  • RAW52.2 – I wanted the ring to look like it had some nails on top. I oxidized the ring to a dark black (to look like iron) then polished the tops with steel wool.

    Ring a Week Challenge - #2
    Ring a Week Challenge - #2

So far so good. I’m really enjoying this, and already dreaming up designs to make….

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