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RAW52.4 (or not as easy as I thought)

This week I had to make quite a few Pebble pendants and decided the RAW will be a pebble ring as well. I was using Venice beach pebbles which are dark charcoal in color, almost black, and are very easy to drill. They are also the flattest I can find on any beach. I don’t know what the actual rock is and I suppose I should try to find out. I was very excited about the design, so excited that I didn’t sketch or even think about it. I was going to just wing it…

Ring a Week #4
Normally, my pebble pendants are just riveted in the back. For this ring, I decided to make a traditional bezel construction with the rivets on the back of the bezel plate. Since I didn’t really think about how to make the ring, I mis-placed the rivet holes. They ended up being too close to the ring shank, and it took me hours to properly rivet them.

Ring a Week #4In the end though, I think it’s a very successful ring. It feels great and looks very cool. I love the shiny smooth silver against the dark matte of the stone. As usual, Selma is modeling the ring.

Ring a Week #4She is starting to complain about how I have her sit there and do it. Maybe next time I’ll make a ring for her…

Ring a Week #4Later this week, I’ll try to post pictures of the pendants I made. They look AWESOME!



Here is my new entry for the Ring a Week challenge. (Click images for larger view)

Ring a Week Challenge #3

I wanted to make something over the top, a bit un-wearable, like those cakes you see on Ace of Cakes. I’ve been thinking about this ring for a while, but when I finally decided to make it, I knew it would turn out well. I also had so much fun making it. It was a bit of a challenge to try to figure out how to solder all the saucers on top of each other, without having it fall apart. Originally, I wanted to add more tiers to it, but thought that it might be overkill.

Ring a Week Challenge #3

I used sterling silver and copper, and gave it a nice scratched finish with 220-grit paper. It is 47mm tall and 30mm at its widest and is a bit on the heavy side.


Ring a Week Challenge #3

I can’t wait to see what I’ll make for next week!

Ring a Week

As if I don’t already have a ton of things to do, and because of all my free time (NOT), I’ve decided to join the “Ring a Week” Challenge (aka RAW.)

The idea is that it will be a personal challenge to make one ring every week of the year, then post the pictures on the flickr group page. There are no rules (my favorite kind of challenge) and the rings can be made using any material, and don’t have to be tangible items either. I decided to join the group to try to learn more techniques and experiment with ideas and designs. Why not.

So, here are my entries so far:

  • RAW52.1 – Since I was late to the game, I decided to make a version of my Leaf & Bud ring that will be appearing in the book 30-Minute Rings by Lark Books due out in April. I made the original (you can see it at the start of my slide show) with 3 x 1 mm rectangle wire. For this version, I used round wire. Both are very easy to make…Ring a Week Challenge - #1Ring a Week Challenge - #1
  • RAW52.2 – I wanted the ring to look like it had some nails on top. I oxidized the ring to a dark black (to look like iron) then polished the tops with steel wool.

    Ring a Week Challenge - #2
    Ring a Week Challenge - #2

So far so good. I’m really enjoying this, and already dreaming up designs to make….

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